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The number of people in extreme poverty fell by 137,000 since yesterday!

This could have been the leading news headline today. In fact: it could have been the news headline every single day for the last 25 years. It’s just that these kind of positive long term developments are not covered by the news.

Source: Max Roser – Our world in data

In this fast digital age we receive more news than ever before. Populism, climate change, conflicts, crime, societal changes and social relations, increasing competition, more responsibilities, technological developments, having to do more with less….. it seems the world is changing faster than we can handle. Will this end well?

Peter ten Wolde interprets these developments using an inspirational presentation in which he shows a positive picture of the world. By focussing less on the daily news and putting more emphasis on the longer term trends, the world often turns out to be in much better shape than we’re inclined to think. Peter explains the mechanics of pre-conceived ideas, how these influence your worldview and he presents an alternative approach to deal with them. This approach is called Factfulness.

Factfulness is a term that was introduced by Ola Rosling of the Gapminder Foundation which means: the stress-reducing habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts. The factfulness concept provides guidelines to obtain a clear and accurate fact-based worldview that everyone can understand. As a result you can make better decisions by forming more nuanced opinions.

We need to learn to look differently

Value proposition

Naturally your event (inspiration session, network event, conference, customer day, strategy session, team meeting, annual meeting or away day) must be successful. In order to increase the appreciation of your participants / visitors you gladly offer them something extra.

During your event the presentation about factfulness is the perfect entertaining and informative intermezzo with a serious message. After the presentation your audience has a more open and nuanced view on their direct environment and the world at large.

Your audience is presented with a method to navigate clearly in this age of framing, fake news and alternative facts allowing to put matters in the correct context in an un-biased way.

In this video Peter explains in 2 minutes what his Factfulness presentation is about and the value it delivers to your audience.

Powerful visualisations of world developments


A selection of feedback from the audience:

Among others, Peter has lectured at:

Insight in the predicted population growth


Introduction to factfulness and Peter ten Wolde in 2 minutes.

The factfulness presentation as delivered during the 13th edition of the Pecha Kucha series in Amersfoort. 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide (in Dutch).

The factfulness message in 7 minutes and 20 slides.

Short interview during Parksessies after a lecture for the Creative University Haarlem. (in Dutch, English subtitles available)

Factfulness: the stress-reducing habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts

About Peter ten Wolde

Peter (1967) lectures about Factfulness.

As an expert on management information Peter has over 20 years international experience in technically commercial advisory roles for several software companies in the area of performance management. Since 2006 Peter works as independent advisor, researcher, sparring partner and speaker..

Think differently, observe, experiment, trial & error, act based on facts and apply a holistic view are central to his way of working. Jack of all trades. He improves results by connecting people.

By applying an objective view it often turns out the world is in much better shape than we’re inclined to think


Peter is keen to speak about factfulness (in English or Dutch) during your next inspiration session, network event, conference, customer day, strategy session, team meeting, annual meeting or away day.

I welcome your request for more information via mail@petertenwolde.com.

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